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Here is a collection of Teacher Resources that I use quite often for lessons, activities, and ideas regarding oceanography. Some may be familiar to you and others will be new; have fun exploring! 
Bring some of your favorites to share here too! 

TOPEX/Poseidon Education page -

JPL PoDAAC page -

Woods Hole K-12 -

Bill Nye the Science Guy -

Smithsonian Ocean Planet exhibit -

Scripp Institute of Oceanography Ocean Careers page -

Monterey Bay Aquarium -

Navy oceanography -

Texas class activities -

Education sites -

Monterey Bay education -

Here are some more websites that I use for more general science topics. I especially like what Pac Bell offers on the Blue Web'n site every week: Pac Bell -

Discovery (Weird Science) -

Science Learning Network -

Windows to the Universe -

Remote Sensing - 

Each of these also have more links than you could EVER explore; but its fun trying!


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