NOAA Ship Collection Photographer: Archival Photography by Steve Nicklas, NOS, NGS

Online Workshop "Ocean Exploration: HMS Challenger and Beyond"

In 2004, the College of Exploration developed an online workshop for educators in order to rekindle the spirit of H.M.S. Challenger by looking back to its maritime heritage, by comparing current ocean research tools, technologies and techniques with those used on the voyage, and by building awareness of the future of ocean exploration, much like those taking place within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) today. The workshop was geared primarily to high school and middle school educators, but was also of interest to educators and scholars of all levels.  It focused on science, history, technology, social studies, and art. 

The workshop presented the history of ocean exploration in the late 1800’s, with a special emphasis on H.M.S. Challenger.  Participants used actual resources from the Challenger, and lesson plans designed specifically for comparing Challenger with modern oceanographic efforts.  Current oceanographic expeditions were highlighted and the workshop also offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of undersea technologies.

Science and history experts “presented” their keynotes online and were available for an open dialogue. Teachers were provided with relevant and useful information for their classrooms. “Teacher Consultants” provided firsthand experience on introducing ocean content to students, and offered a network of peers to provide advice and answer questions.

Teachers gained research findings, lesson plans, news stories, magazine articles, video clips and internet links to ensure that their students become ocean literate. The workshop series introduced a wide array of topics that are linked to the National Science Education Standards, and other standards where applicable.  

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