Future Voyages

The dream:

    The overall long term "dream vision" is to build a custom designed tall ship that would recreate aspects of the original voyage. For the first few years the ship would visit all the stations that the original HMS Challenger visited. Once the original voyage sites were revisited the ship could revisit sites of other significant ocean explorations.

Inspiration for others:

    The ship would serve as an inspiration to young people - encouraging them to learn more about the oceans, historical, current and future ocean exploration as well about themselves, their own and humanity's interaction with the ocean and to build greater appreciation of the importance of ocean exploration to the world.

The Ship:

    The ship would be designed to be a modern tall ship, which empowers and enables students, educators and scientists, both able and disabled, to study the ocean and its impact on and by humans. The ship would be custom designed to take the best of the ship designs from the Sea Education Association's Pacific Program (www.sea.org) and the two tall ships built for the Jubilee Sailing Trust (www.jst.co.uk). The Sea Pacific Program ship has sensors and electronic fitted in the hull and has custom marine labs designed for teaching and researching on the ship.  The JST tall ships have been designed and built to enable disabled crew to live and work as crew on board a tall ship.


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