Globalheartbeat is a unique project that brings together young people and scientists  through a partnering of universities, community colleges, research institutions, schools and aquariums.

In 2007 - 2008 academic year the project will become a truly evolving, participative, environmental monitoring and understanding activity. The project is NOT one that must fit ongoing research, but your participation will develop the project...and not packaging. You are a part of creating facilitated design and implemention.



2007-2008 Thomas Jefferson High School continues to use the program in their oceanography classes.

2006 Compiled Video Page:

Watch short videos of activities

Thomas Jefferson High School, VA use the project to study ecological issues.

 2005 News:
Online Learning "CD" Globalheartbeat Training, Lesson Plans and more

CAPMON Software Download as a zip file

USC High School Science Camp for Girls

2004 News:

USC High School Science Camp for Girls

2003 News:
Nine California Science Teachers attend training workshop at the Wrigley Marine Science Center.

High school student at Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia completes one year science project applying Globlaheartbeat to Chesapeake clams.


 Learn about the training program completed during August at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research and the second year of girls' science camp at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on  Catalina Island, California.  The University of Maryland joins the globalheart program with applications for scientists and teachers
- Is an exciting  hands-on study of crabs´ heartbeats combined with online interactive dialogue among scientists and students and a rich set of Web-based resources.
- Emphasizes  a  new approach  to the study of marine biology, coastal ecology and environmental science.
-  Monitors crab´s heartbeats to help  demonstrate the interrelationship between ocean health and the health of living organisms.

To learn more watch this short interview.Dr Mike Depledge talks to Dr. Tina Bishop about the program..(real video clip)

Background reading on the procedures


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