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Welcome to the El Niño Workshop  - online for education.
March 2  -  April  5  1998.

The  Workshop is now closed except for reading and college credit work

Enter the Workshop

The workshop was online here using Caucus Conferencing at www.coexploration.org/elnino

The Workshop took place here, on the web,  online and consisted of:

Presentations from scientists and educators concerned with El Niño topics and a series of working sessions

Example topics for working sessions are:
    Weather Prediction
    Data Visualization
    El Niño Art
    Literature and Myths of Storms 
    Reading graphs and online data
    El Niño effect and the severity of storms/hurricanes
    Historical accounts of El Niño (from South  America)
    El Niño effects on business
    Exotic species during El Niño  (migration patterns)
    Effects on kelp
    Effects on marine mammals

Topex/Poseidon Poster


The Workshop is now closed.

Other features:

Earn one graduate credit for participating and sharing your work
Online Resource Center to share projects and ideas
Meet the scientist in the cafe
Share your weather stories

To participate fully you will need Netscape 3.0 or higher
Internet Explorer 3.2 or higher

The El Niño  Workshop is a Co-production of USC Sea Grant Program, The College of Exploration and Metasystems Design Group, Inc.

last updated 5 April 1998  peter@tmn.com