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Keynote Speakers

March 9 -13

Dr. Jorge Vazquez
JPL/Cal Tech

History of El Niño,
Observations by satellite Impacts

March 16-20

Dr. Don Chambers
Center for Space Research, University of Texas, Austin

Observing the early signs of El Niño forming through altimetry - using the data to forecast

March 23-27

Dr. James O’Brien
Florida State University

El Niño and La Nina - A Comparison

Mar 30 - Apr 3

Mark Eakin Ph.D
NOAA Office of Global Programs

Tracking El Niño from Ocean Data
The OGP Web site on El Niño

Video Conferences

March 16-20

John Kermond Ph.D.
NOAA Office of Global Programs

CUSeeMe Video Conference with selected sites (email for more info)

Working Sessions

March 2-13

The MetaNetwork team

How to attend a virtual conference on the web

March 9-27

Dr. Anthony Michaels
Wrigley Institute

Economic Impacts of El Niño

Mar 9 - Apr 3


Ron Crouse
Hatfield Marine Science Center Oregon

Developing Classroom Activities

Mar 9 -
Apr 3


Jeanine Cripe Mauch
Dir. of Edn Programs,  Ctr for Marine Studies, Los Angeles Unified School District

El Niño effects on marine mammals.

Mar 9 -
Apr 3


Rick Baker
Orange County Marine Institute

How to read science charts and graphs

Mar 9 -
Apr 3

Ann Close
Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

Severity of storms and hurricanes.

Mar 9 -
Apr 3



Leslie Ewing
California Coastal Commission

Coastal hazards

Mar 9 -
Apr 3


Sue Yoder
USC Sea Grant, Marine Advisory Services Leader

Biological impacts of El Niño (exotic species/fish migration, etc.)

Mar 9 -
Apr 3


Sandra Dunstan Hoover

El Niño Storm Stories

The El Niño  Workshop is a Co-production of USC Sea Grant Program, The College of Exploration and Metasystems Design Group, Inc.

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