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Please print out this informational flyer and post on school and college notice boards

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California State University - Long Beach
You will need to fill in the CSULB form and mail it in.

Florida International University
Details to register and the form to fill in

University of Maryland System
please email
Tina Bishop Ed.D for information

You can earn one hour of graduate credit by participatiing in this workshop and completing the following acitivities.

To be eligible for one graduate credit you will need to:

1. Read and Participate. Join and read each of the keynote sessions (one a week for four weeks)  Attendance will be verified using the ‘who has seen this item’ feature of our Caucus software

2. Answer the question for the week in the graduate credit room - the question will relate to the Keynote topic.

3.   Demonstrate intended or actual classroom applications by filling in a form that describes: 
                   A. A suggested lesson plan on how to use the materials in the classroom  and
                   B. An annotated bibliography of resources related to the workshop that would be useful for others as a reference. These may include Web links, articles, books, and other recommended resources.  A description of each resource, as well suggested grade level(s), possible use in the classroom, and assessment of its value should be included.

4. Evaluate the Workshop   The workshop evaluation should be completed. The survey will be posted online and will include questions about your individual learning as well as workshop  format, structure, and content.



The El Niño  Workshop is a Co-production of USC Sea Grant Program, The College of Exploration and Metasystems Design Group, Inc.

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