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 Florida International University, Miami, FL  is offering 1 graduate level credit for this online workshop on El Nino.   The credit may be applied towards teacher recertification with Florida Public Schools.  A University Transcript is provided to all students.  The credit can be transferred to any other college or university anywhere in the U.S.

In addition to participating in the online course, credit students will be required to complete a lesson plan and bibliography for the course.  Course requirements will be sent to you by the instructor upon registration.

Students should complete the attached
"Special Student Registration Form" from FIU by following these instructions:

*       Print it out and complete it by hand.
*       Course Number is SCE 6925 "Workshop in Science Education"
*       Sign the form in the space provided.
*       Attach the form along with a check for graduate tuition and proof of  Florida  Residency.
*       Residency verification is required.  Please send clear copy of:
        (a)     Current Full-Time Florida Public School Employment Contract; or
        (b)     Copies of:  (1) Florida Driver's License; and
                                      (2) Vehicle Registration; and
                                      (3) Voter Registration  
                     (Note all Three forms of ID are required.)
*       Tuition rate depends upon residency qualification:
        In-State (Florida) Graduate Tuition     $129.57
        Out-of-State Graduate Tuition              $434.96
        Make check out to:
        Florida International University
*       Sign Registration Form, mail along with your check and verification of residency to:
        Florida International University
        Office of Distance Learning
        3000 N.E. 151 Street
        Miami, FL   33181
*       For questions regarding this registration procedure, contact:
        Cindy Elliott or Dawn Pace
        Office of Distance Learning
        (305) 919-5217

In addition to credit tuition, student must
register for the online workshop  with the College of Exploration.  See registration procedures for online workshop.


The El Niño  Workshop is a Co-production of USC Sea Grant Program, The College of Exploration and Metasystems Design Group, Inc.

last updated 2 March 1998 peter@tmn.com