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Weeks 3&4 Activities

Item 9  01-APR-1998 17:57 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

Thanks for responses to the first two weeks' questions. Now we need to focus on 2 things:  

1)I would like to see a progress report on your class project/lesson plan. If you have an outline of what you are doing that would be great to post here. Otherwise please just let me know how things are going and when you might anticipate you could finish the project.  

2) Participation in dialogue with the keynoters and in the breakout rooms is also a part of successfully completing this workshop. Hope you will all join in, especially in response to the keynoters.

9:1) 02-APR-1998 11:49 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

   My project is progressing very well.  I am working on presenting ENSO in hands-on and visual ways as a series of demos and short activities that the students will participate in.  I am following the rough outline which I detailed in the Item PROJECT TOPICS.   You should recieve  my completed project via "snail mail" by April 20.

9:2) 05-APR-1998 23:23 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Tina, I am working on the organizing the lesson plans and materials needed for each section. As soon as CAT-5 test and the Science fair projects are completed will have the students begin the unit.  You should have complete project by the end of April.

9:3) 11-APR-1998 06:35 Robert Heckerl (rheckerl)

Hi Tina-
I just returned from spring break, so may be a little behind. As I teach social studies, I will be re-working
the information learned herein and then applying it as part of a unit on HUMAN IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND ENVIRON-
MENTAL IMPACT ON HUMANS. I would like to think I will have
this worked up within the next few weeks. Thanks.

9:5) 12-APR-1998 19:20 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

I will be interested to see the multi-disciplinary lesson plan/activities that you develop about the environmental impact of EL Nino. Will you focus on geography, social issues, and/or economic consequences? Look forward to seeing it.

9:7) 14-APR-1998 21:05 Hellen Chong Tai (htai)


Our school just completed a "science fair" and I am in the midst of grading 80 more science reports.  I plan to begin the final project this week and get it done by the end of April,hopefully.  I would also like to send this via "snail mail."  Do you have any suggestions to make on my project as outlined previously?  Will it be okay to use Ron Crouse's slide presentation and activity as part of my instructional package?  Thanks.  

9:8) 15-APR-1998 07:23 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)


I think your project will very nicely blend using online technologies and hands-on activities for learning around the El Nino theme. I think you may have to limit the number of Web sites ( or amount of time looking for them) as there are so many resources that the students could explore. This is always a challenge when using the Internet in the classroom. It is an excellent idea to use Ron's materials--that is what we hoped people would do!
You can send the project to me by regular mail:
7375 Montcalm Drive, McLean, VA 22102

9:9) 15-APR-1998 21:46 Hellen Chong Tai (htai)


Since there are many schools without an Internet accessible computer lab, I am going to change my project to creating a picturebook called "The ABC's of El Nino" using the Web as one of their resources.  This final cooperative project can be displayed in the school library and used by other students in the future.  Laminating the pages and binding them will make all the books look professional.

9:10) 16-APR-1998 07:52 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

Hellen---That sounds like a good idea; it will be a very nice, useful finished product.  

To all of you:
You can mail your project to me, but if you could send as much as possible as a computer file that would be best.
We had thought we might post online the lesson plans that all of you had created. That way other teachers could benefit from the resources you have created. So if the lesson plans/report of activities that you are developing can be sent to me as an attachment to an email or if you will post it here (using Upload a File button), that will be great.

9:11) 19-APR-1998 21:23 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Tina, I sent the project by snail-mail before reading your message. Included a post card for you to return concerning grades.  We just planted garden this weekend, the latest for several year and the redbud trees are just beginning to blossom.

9:12) 20-APR-1998 18:20 Hellen Chong Tai (htai)


Could you please file an incomplete until I get the paper to you next month?  Thanks.

9:13) 21-APR-1998 15:43 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)


Am just now sending in the registration forms to U of MD and will not send grades yet. If by the time I send them, you are not finished then I would send an Incomplete grade to them.  

Charlene and Cathleen-- Thanks for sending your projects; they were both excellent lesson plans. Hope to get them posted here at some point in the next few weeks.

9:14) 21-APR-1998 22:44 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

The poster came to the office today.  It is really colorful as the monitor does not do it justice.  The students will enjoy it. Thanks.  Charlene

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