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Item 1  06-MAR-1998 08:15 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

this "room" is the room to ask questions about the credit options and to post the requirements for credit.

1:1) 12-MAR-1998 21:37 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

To get your projects underway, it would be helpful for each person who is taking this workshop for credit, to let us know by March 20 what their project topic is. Please post your project idea in the Item called Project Topic here in the college classroom.

1:2) 19-MAR-1998 13:23 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

Hi Tina,
    By "project topic" do you mean classroom applications??  or do you have something else in mind??  The listing of requirements for credit mentions classroom applications.  Please explain.
    Thanks,    Cathleen

1:3) 19-MAR-1998 15:33 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

Yes, your project for this workshop would be a classroom application or lesson plan.

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