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Information from NOAA on severe environmental events!

Item 1  16-MAR-1998 12:33 Phyllis Grifman (pgrifman)


        The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has placed satellite
imagery of significant environmental events from around the world on line.
The imagery is suitable for illustrating news and feature stories.
Captions and explanations are included. The events that are monitored
regularly are: fires, volcanoes, tropical storms, floods, oil spills, and
snow and ice.  

        The following report is an example of the imagery that is available each day:  

Significant events identified by Satellite Analysis Branch meteorologists
and reviewed by the Operational Significant Event Imagery team on Thursday,
March 12, 1998, are as follows:  

Fires - The smoky conditions in Borneo appear to be improving in this GMS
image.  The smoke, which was very dense this time yesterday, is much
lighter now.  A smoky haze is still visible extending from eastern Borneo
southeastward into the Java Sea and more can be seen moving northeast from
the same position.  

The second image in this series is significant because of what it doesn't
show.  AVHRR Channel 3, which generally detects hot spots on the surface
quite well, seems to indicate the absence of any concentrated heat sources
in eastern Borneo.  There are a few scattered spots in the region and a few
more somewhat concentrated spots in Malaysia, but nothing compared to the
past weeks.  Multichannel color and single channel imagery was processed
and posted to:  


Fires in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil show up well as hot spots in this
AVHRR Channel 3 image.  There is a concentrated area of fires in western
Venezuela and scattered ones throughout northeast Columbia.  Single channel
imagery was processed and posted to:  


Something of a mystery in these AVHRR and TOMS (Total Ozone Mapping
Spectrometer) images.  A large cloud can be seen extending from Southeast
Asia well into the South China Sea. After some analysis we suggest that it
is probably smoke from fires in Vietnam and Laos.  The phenomenon shows up
extremely well on the TOMS imagery which measures the concentration of
particles in the air.  Corresponding hot spots were seen in Laos and
Vietnam indicating fires on the surface.  This feature has been persisting
for a few days.  Multichannel color imagery was processed and posted to:  


Snow and Ice - California braces for yet another powerful storm in this
GOES-9 image.  The spiral of low pressure is off the Oregon coast but heavy
clouds are already moving in to California.  More rain is certainly not
welcome as the ground is still saturated from past storms.  Multichannel
color imagery was processed and posted to:  


1:1) 19-MAR-1998 23:50 Alan G. Fisk-Williams (afiskwilliams)

Couldn't download the SPECIAL/SNOW photo but was amazed at the others.  Good news too - I'm off to Indonesia next week, hoping for clean air.

1:2) 26-MAR-1998 00:59 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

Phyllis,  Thank-you for listing the NOAA links to these incredible events.  It amazes me how global El Nino is and I Wonder if La Nina will be as far reaching.  I also could not download the Special/Snow photo.  It does not appear to be on the server.

1:3) 05-APR-1998 23:47 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Special/Snow photo file not found on server.

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