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Web Pages Presentation

Item 2  07-MAR-1998 12:36 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

I have been working with our host and facilitator for this session Jeanine Cripe Mauch from the Center for Marine Studies, Los Angeles Unified School District. We have created a set of web pages that will serve as a basis for the disucussions here. There are also a number of activities and suggested exercises that can be completed in this break out session.  

The set of web pages are now available. They are this address: index.htm  

Please spend some time to read and review and then return here with questions for Jeanine.  



2:1) 10-MAR-1998 18:04 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

Thanks for an interesting presentation. I was wondering what you have actually been seeing out there these last few months? Are you seeing abandoned sea lion pups or are they already mature enough to be separated from the mothers by this time?

2:2) 13-MAR-1998 20:44 Jeanine Mauch (jmauch)

Up to this point the pups are considered abandoned because they are normally with their mothers at this time of year.  March is traditionally the time that they would be weaned and in which we start to see stranded animals.

2:3) 02-APR-1998 17:11 Diane Beardslee (dbeardslee)

As I commute between Newport Beach and Palos Verdes, I have noticed the very gradual construction of what might be a marine mammals rehab center in Huntington Beach (on PCH). Do you know anything about it?

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