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Welcome to a rather fishy break-out group!!!!

Item 3  10-MAR-1998 18:50 Rick Baker (rbaker)

Hi, I'm Rick Baker and I am the presenter in this room.  I work at the Orange County Marine Institute in Dana Point, California.  We have a research boat called the RV Sea Explorer which we do quite a bit of educational programs on for students 4th through college. This last year, as part of our educational and research programs, we have been documenting the El Nino event from the persective of the changing fish and plankton populations, as well as, recording changes in weather patterns.  The activities listed here reflect our efforts in this area.  Please review them, I would be happy to answer any questions concerning what types of changes we are looking for(or have observed) in fish and plankton populations.  Also, any questions about the activities themselves, How do they work? etc.
Look forward to your questions. .......  Rick Baker

3:2) 10-MAR-1998 19:28 Rick Baker (rbaker)

Have you seen this character in your town? This is a smooth stargazer - A "El Nino" fish What does this mean? Could these sinister looking fish soon be a part of our offshore population?

3:3) 10-MAR-1998 19:41 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

where do you find these beautiful fish Rick?

3:4) 11-MAR-1998 10:15 Rick Baker (rbaker)

Before I answer that thanks for the help with the tif-gif situation --- Whew!  One more question on that, Can I size the fish on the page, reduce it a little?  This fish lives in two places.  1. In the warm waters off the Mexican coastline.  It is one of the varieties we are watching right now because we expect them to find their way here in southern California due to unually warm El Nino waters off our shores. (Actually a fisherman did catch one off of Dana Point a few weeks ago but, we are still waiting to find hopefully several, lots!, in our net) The second(2) place we find this fish is in a book called Petersen Guide to Pacific Fish which I can't find right now in my office but, if anyone wants to know I will get all the details on the book.  Beautiful color pictures -- I scanned into my computer and uploaded into the workshop.

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