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Workshop Activities Worksheets

Item 2  09-MAR-1998 12:05 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

The materials for this workshop were developed in large part for a teacher workshop on El Nino held at the Orange County Marine Institute late last year.

There are three activities presented. They are:

1. Using the Weather Page to Predict Ocean Conditions
2. Catching Invisible Drifters and
3. Fish Biogeography.

For these actvities you will need the activity worksheets.

These are available in Adobe Acrobat format you can obtain this from Adobe at and also as a faxed document. The Adobe Acrobat files are quite large (from 100K to 200K). Download times will vary depending on your conection.

Here are the links for the "Using Weather to Predict Ocean Conditions" activity:

Weather Activity Page One

Weather Activity Page Two

Catching Drifters Page One

Catching Drifters Page Two

Fish Biogeography Activity Page One

Fish Biogeography Activity Page Two

2:1) 09-MAR-1998 12:08 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

To obtain these activities by fax please add your fax number here and we will fax them to you. We may set up a fax back service to speed things up.

2:2) 09-MAR-1998 14:46 Susan E Yoder (syoder)

Please FAX these three activities to 213 740-5936.

2:3) 11-MAR-1998 01:24 Jane A. Snider (jsnider)

Please FAX these three activities to 714 821 - 3716.

2:4) 11-MAR-1998 02:24 Patricia Murray (pmurray)

Please FAX these activities to 310-8287422

2:5) 11-MAR-1998 08:32 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

I have sent them, please let us all know how you use them.

2:6) 13-MAR-1998 01:07 Patricia Murray (pmurray)

Thanks...I got them. I'll go over them with our teacher and let you know what we do.

2:7) 13-MAR-1998 11:24 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

Please FAX these activities to 707 763-9810. Many Thanks!!

2:8) 13-MAR-1998 20:49 Jeanine Mauch (jmauch)

Please FAX them to me also.  310-548-6394

2:9) 14-MAR-1998 21:40 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Please FAX the activities to 785-544-6551 on Monday. Thanks.

2:10) 02-APR-1998 15:29 Diane Beardslee (dbeardslee)

Please FAX the activities to 310-544-1839. Thanks!

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