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Item 1  06-MAR-1998 19:59 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Please say hi when you arrive so we know that you are here.  

1:1) 06-MAR-1998 20:01 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

I have been working with Ron Crouse to set up this workshop session. He has selected an activity he has been offering at  the Hatfield Marine Center. I think he will be here later on Monday or early on Tuesday.

1:2) 11-MAR-1998 00:13 Trisha Lemons (tlemons)

Just checking in from Rio Rancho, NM. I'm looking forward to
learning a lot!

1:3) 11-MAR-1998 15:37 Ron Crouse (rcrouse)

Hi everyone!  It is a pleasure to be invited here this month to present my new program, "Mapping El-Niņo."  I hope all of you take the opportunity to try your hand at this workshop.  Even if you are not an educator you will have fun testing your skills against the NOAA computers.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to share them with all of us.  Now please continue on to the presentation and GOOD LUCK!

1:4) 13-MAR-1998 11:59 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

Hi Ron!  I'm eager to try "Mapping El-Nino" but all I can get to is this listing of items on the Home Page.  Please forgive my inexperience in computers...but tell me HOW do I get on to the Presentation??  I found the series of 51 slides but my access is so slow that I do not have time to wait for each slide to appear on my screen.  Is there any way I can try out this activity so I can possibly use it with my sudents??   Thank-you for your help and patience!!

1:5) 13-MAR-1998 13:45 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Cathleen, and anyone else, if it is difficult fro you to view oyou may want to download the powerpoint slides and view them locally. The link for the whole powerpoint presentation is on the  index page of the presentation

1:6) 14-MAR-1998 21:05 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Just checking in to try this activity.  Our 7th graders just finished a unit on the ocean.

1:7) 17-MAR-1998 03:21 Alan G. Fisk-Williams (afiskwilliams)

Checking in from Seoul, Korea. I'm looking forward to trying this with my high school students!

1:8) 19-MAR-1998 11:57 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

  Ron,   'Just wanted to let you know I finally viewed "Mapping El Nino" Activity and it looks great!   I hope to have time to try it myself...I was thinking about using it with sixth grade students who are studing the ocean this spring.  These kids have studied the ocean for the past three years and are rather sophisticated.  Have you used it with kids this young?  What is your opinion?  Thanks for the acitvity and the advice!!

1:9) 24-MAR-1998 15:50 Ron Crouse (rcrouse)

Cathleen,  In response to your question, I think that if your sixth graders had a grasp of the concepts of longitude-latitude and could read maps they could handle it with a little assistance.  You might be better off to draw in the longitude-latitude lines ahead of time to avoid confusion and possible mistakes.  You will also want to be sure they understand the principle of isotherms as it can get confusing when you have several to draw in between two adjacent buoy locations.  Let me know how you fare with this activity.

1:10) 24-MAR-1998 15:56 Ron Crouse (rcrouse)

Hello again,  Peter has promised me that he will get Part 2 containing the answers and final graphics for the Mapping El-Niņo activity installed this evening.  I would be very interested in hearing from any and all of you regarding your successes or failures with this program.  At the very least I hope that you gained a better understanding of the TAO buoy array and the computer models generated from the data.

1:11) 27-MAR-1998 09:31 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

The answers are now up, sorry it took a while to sort out.  


1:12) 02-APR-1998 02:01 Cathleen Cannon (ccannon)

     I hope to try out your Mapping Activity with 6th grade students in April.  Finally I found the time to check-out your Answers on the Mapping El-nino Activity.  The slides have an excellent visual presentation detailing the progression of ENSO.  I think these visuals would be a great way to explaine ENSO to younger children as well as any age students who are not real proficient in the English Language.  

     Your presentation also appealed to my visual/artistic side and reinforced what I have learned in the El-Nino Workshop.  

     This Mapping Activity was terrific...Thank-you so much!

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