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El Nino as a world wide event

Item 3  10-MAR-1998 13:48 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

I noticed from the introductions in the cafe that we have some participation in this workshop from Australia and Korea. I am interested to know how this event affects world patterns in addition to the Americas.

3:1) 11-MAR-1998 08:04 Robert Heckerl (rheckerl)

Yes! As I mentioned in my introduction, I'm quite interested in learning how this cyclical phenomenon has (or may) affect the lifeblood of Asia - the monsoons. India, in particular, would make for a good probe. It would be truly apocalyptic should India ever suffer from a prolonged climatic crisis such as we're witnessing in North Korea. I'd love to hear peoples' opinions about this.......

3:2) 11-MAR-1998 10:20 Don Chambers (dchambers)


There have been some studies correlating El Nino in the Pacific and monsoon rainfall, although the link is not very strong.  However, there is growing evidence that El Nino warming does not only occur in the Pacific, but that it also occurs in the Indian Ocean as well.  This would make a more likely link with variations in the monsoons.  I'll talk about the Indian Ocean El Nino more next week in my keynote address.

3:3) 19-MAR-1998 22:57 Alan G. Fisk-Williams (afiskwilliams)

Mr. Hoekerl,
    From what I've learned so far, there is clearly an Indian Ocean affect. What I'm unclear on is how widespread the effects of El Nino are in Asia. I live about 30 miles south of the southern border of North Korea (in Seoul). We have not had a profound drought in the south, even though we are so close to the drought-stricken area. Can El Nino have have small scale effects on two areas that are so close to each other?   PS Spring seems early this year - the magnolias are out!

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