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Welcome to the Open Space Circle at the El Niņo Workshop

Item09-MAR-1998 08:42 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

"Open Space" is a meeting design which creates a container within which participants can
self-organize to engage in the conversations which matter most to you.
Each participant in Open Space is an important resource to the whole group because of
your unique experience and perspectives.
Everyone is invited to create a new item in this conference about a topic you feel passionate
about pursuing.  By creating an item, you take on the responsibility to facilitate the discussion
there by encouraging others to join in, summarizing the discussion from time to time, and bringing
it to a close when it feels right.  Some discussions may last throughout the workshop, other great
conversations may run their course in several days or a couple of weeks.
If you're not sure how to frame your topic, or would like to get some feedback from other
participants, add a response to the second item in this conference to describe your thinking and
see what kind of response it generates.
As topics develop here, we'll use the first response in this item as a "wall" where all the choices
are posted so that you can choose where you want to engage.   If a topic interests you, jump in
and add your voice.  If you're not interested in one of the topics, just skip it (you can even use the
"forget" option which appears at the end of an item so that it no longer shows up on your list).
Open Space is now Open!

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