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Item 1  01-MAR-1998 18:26 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Please say hi and that you have joined this break out session.
We are here to help make this months workshop as easy to navigate around as possible.  

This is obviously a highly customized environment. We think it is fairly intuitive and that you should enjoy your time with each other here.

1:1) 03-MAR-1998 15:08 Stephen Brown (sbrown)

Hi. I've joined this breakout session. :-)  

I'm writing from Guayaquil, Ecuador. We get quite a lot of devastating El Nino effects here. I couldn't get the Science teachers interested in doing a joint El Nino monitoring project but I may still try to involve my students somehow. I teach computer studies to students from grades 5 to 12.

1:2) 03-MAR-1998 18:59 Alice Moomjean (amoomjean)

My name is Alice Moomjean.  I am a 5th grade teacher in California.  We have not experienced this much rain in a very long time.  I have lived in California most of my life and cannot remember this much flooding!

1:3) 03-MAR-1998 23:21 Trisha Lemons (tlemons)

My name is Trisha Lemons. I teach 8th grade algebra in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We have had a lot more snow this year and skiing has been really good for a change. We were having really nice weather and then all of the sudden it turned really cold. We're hoping that it gets warmer soon.

1:4) 05-MAR-1998 09:48 Lundie Spence (lspence)

My name is Lundie Spence from Raleigh, NC.  I am going to Iquitos, Peru Saturday and shall ask about different weather patterns on the eastern side of the Andes.
In NC we have had a particularly rainy January and February. But little snow in the Piedmont and generally milder than normal.

1:5) 05-MAR-1998 10:53 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

For those of you joining this break out session who have not looked into the Community Cafe community cafe please do so and say hi there as well. thanks.

1:6) 13-MAR-1998 10:00 Mary Bet Dobson (mdobson)

My name is Mary Bet Dobson.  I work for TeleFusion, An SAIC Division in McLean, Virginia.  I am most curious to see how an online workshop operates and am especially interested in learning more about El Nino.

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