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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Item 5  17-MAR-1998 18:45 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

Welcome to the virtual St. Patrick's Day celebration! Hope your day has been fun! I had lunch in an Irish pub in Arlington, VA, complete with Irish singers, before getting back online in the workshop.  Any celebrations to tell us about? Any Irish stories to share?  

Tina (O'Kane) Bishop

5:1) 17-MAR-1998 18:49 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

Here's the weather in Ireland

5:2) 17-MAR-1998 18:52 Kristina (Tina) Bishop (tina)

In case you couldn't get out today, here are a few pubs in Ireland to "visit"

5:3) 17-MAR-1998 18:56 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

DOes el nino affect the Irish? or maybe Ireland?

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