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Item 4  01-MAR-1998 18:20 Peter Tuddenham (peter)




We are here to listen to you and help in any way we can. Use this item to post your questions and feedback on how are
we doing.  

Thank you!

4:1) 04-MAR-1998 21:20 Sandra Dunstan-Hoover (sdunstanhoover)

I was going to try to "set-up my room" and I can't seem to find where to create a new item.  I see it in the rooms where some items have already been listed that one can add on to them but in those where there aren't any items yet it doesn't have the option to add any.  Wondering what I should do?

4:2) 05-MAR-1998 08:46 Lisa Kimball (lisa)

Sandra .. when you first log into your conference, you will see a menu bar which says ALL NEW RANGE ____ etc....
Right above that you should see "create a new item" as a clickable link.  It will be in a different color.  take a look and let us know if you find it ok!

4:3) 07-MAR-1998 20:27 Sandra Dunstan-Hoover (sdunstanhoover)

Thanx Lisa.  Peter made it so that I was accessable to that part of the site.  It didn't have a "create new item" link before but now it does.

4:4) 12-MAR-1998 17:52 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Just discovered that my name is now in the list twice:)  One must have been uncovered from the snow drifts.  As of this entry I am under the name and passwork that was used on or about 3/11 or 3/12 midnight.  Does this mean I get the honor of doing twice as much?  Thanks. Charlene

4:5) 12-MAR-1998 21:37 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

just twicxe as much credit for the same amount of work. Actually the other charlene is no longer active, so you are on your own now.

4:6) 14-MAR-1998 20:35 Charlene I. Branch (cbranch)

Peter, thanks for taking care of the problem.  Have spent the day at the National Weather Service Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, Mo.  They are one of the sites with new computers for monitoring the weather.  Also is the hydrology site for the Missouri basin.    Thanks again.

4:7) 17-MAR-1998 18:32 Tom Nolan (tnolan)

Dear Peter,
When I open a room that says it has new items in it, all I see are items marked "Seen", whether I've seen them or not. I assumed that the item would be marked "New" until I've read it, and then it would say "Seen".  

When I click on "Seen", I get opportunities to manipulate links, which I did not expect.  

Could you please explain how to view only "new" items and what to do to mark items that I haven't seen yet?  


4:8) 17-MAR-1998 18:54 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Tom, the system is meant to keep track of what you have seen and not seen. when you enter a room with new items you can elect to see only new material. Your assumption in your first paragraph is correct, it should be marked new until you have seen it. although as you display it on the screen it will be saying seen, not new. if you want to turn somethign seen into something new just click on the word seen by the item number anbd response - it, and everything after it in that item will go to new.  

if you click on seen when you first enter the room you can manipulate the links as you say.  

You have the option to "mark" all the items in a room/conference as new or seen. New means that next time you enter the room all items will appear as if they have not been displayed to you before. you can also do this with individual responses.  

The idea behind this is to offer you the option  to only view material that is new since the last time you entered the room.  

It is also a useful feature for courses as the faculty can check to see who has displayed what on their screen, sort of like attendance.  

Hope that helps.

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