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Tips on using this Software -Caucus Conferencing

Item 3  01-MAR-1998 18:19 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Here we will post tips on using the caucus conferencing software

3:1) 02-MAR-1998 17:48 Amy Eunice (amye)

How to Post for the First Time
These instructions give a brief overview of how to post a response, but remember, the best
way to learn is to try it!

There are 3 stages to adding a response:
1. Entering text in the response box
2. Choosing the formatting
3. Posting the response

You may also edit a response after posting it.

1. Entering text in the response box
There are several ways to do this! You may type your response directly into the response
box. You may also upload a file directly into the response box by using the "Upload" button, above the response box. The file should be in text or html format.

You may cut and paste text from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Notepad:

    1. Open the document you wish to paste from and use your mouse to highlight the text
    you want to copy to a response box.

    2. From the Edit pull-down menu in your word processor, choose Cut or Copy.

    3. Leaving your word processor open (you may minimize it but don't close it) open up your
    web browser and go to the response box where you wish to paste the text.

    4. Click your mouse inside the response box so that a flashing cursor appears.

    5. From the Edit pull-down menu in your browser, choose Paste.

The text should appear in the response box and you can then post it as "word-wrapped" (see
choosing the formatting, below) Note: If your word-processor uses smart quotes, use your help menu to find out how to turn them off before selecting and copying the text. If there are lists, or other sections of text, which you do not wish to be word-wrapped, place a space in front of each line before posting your response.

2. Choosing the formatting
Using the drop-box above the response box, you may select from three ways to enter your
Response:   Word-Wrapped, HTML, or Literal.

Word-Wrapped - This is the default way to post a response. It means that the text will
automatically be formatted to make the best use of space. If you type a URL such as in the response box, and submit it as word-wrapped it will
automatically become a hotlink!

HTML - You should always choose HTML if you are including HTML tags within the text of
your document. This option enables you to post images, colored text and use most basic html functions to make your response more interesting.

Literal - Choosing Literal will post your response "literally" as it appears in the box when you
type it. This requires a
hard return at the end of each line. Literal is most often used when posting a vertical listing.

3. Posting the response
To post your response to the item, press the button labeled "Post and View". Your response
text will be posted to the item and the page will be reloaded so you can see your comments as
others will see them. Or, press the button labeled "Post and Go" to submit your response
without viewing it, and go on to the next item, or back where you started from.

If you do not wish to post a response to the item you are reading you should press the
button labeled "Pass" that appears above the response text-entry box.

Editing Your Response after Posting
You may Edit your responses at any time after posting them. When you post and view your
response, you will see an edit button appear beside your response. If you click on the Edit
button you will be taken back to a response box where you can adjust the formatting or add

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