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Item01-MAR-1998 15:02 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Hello and Welcome to our Community Café.  

We are pleased to welcome participants from all over the world to this very special event on the Web.  

The El Nińo Workshop officially begins March 9th and that is when the Main Hall for keynotes, and Break-Out Rooms for special topic discussions and other conferences will be open.  

Like any "real" event, it's always nice to be able to check in early, begin finding your way around, meet with other members and have a place to hang out. So we've opened the Community Café a little early to allow you to get familiar with the environment.  

You are in what we call a "conference" and what you are reading right now is what we call an "item". Keep an eye on this item as this is where we will be posting special announcements.  

Item 2: Getting to Know Each Other is where you can say 'hello' when you arrive.

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