DoDEA Summer Session July 31 - August 4th

This is a pilot project to offer  the Innovative Technology  sessions over an internal network

This is a record of some of the weeks activities. This is a pilot project and is designed for the participants use only. (You know who you are).

Evening Entertainment

Comments from participants

Recorded Presentations from the week

New Learning Environments - Barbara Shriver
Using Dictation Systems - Lois Hendrickson
Geographic Information Systems at Aviano High School - Mark Fix
Short clips on Personal Digital Asisstant(PDA),   more PDA
Short clips on the digital microscopes
Mobile Lab Demonstration 
Using Probes on PDAs - Carol Inge
Thematic units and media
Sing song
Microsoft video streaming - Jim Rodman
Video conferencing - Ken Poverud
Using simulations    Part Two
Personal scanner
John Kuglin Part One   Part Two   Part Three
Playing with clay