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February 27, 2012 - March 16, 2012

Ocean scientists are starting to explore extreme environments, and they are finding life in amazing places - even far down in the sediments and rocks of the sea floor! In this workshop you will meet “intraterrestrials,” microbes that are expanding our understanding of where life can exist on earth. (images: JOIDES Resolution, research ship... and deep sea microbes)
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Week One

Keynote: "Some Like it Hot – and Toxic!”
by Dr. Jan Amend
(professor of microbial geochemistry, USC)

Research at vents

Lecture available Fri Feb 24, 2012 - 5pm Pacific
Interaction with Dr. Amend and his grad students
Feb 27 - Mar 2.
(Research at a shallow hydrothermal vent)
Week Two
Keynote: "Meet the Intraterrestrials!”
by Dr. Katrina Edwards
(professor of biological sciences and Earth sciences, USC and director of the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations, C-DEBI)
Lectures available Fri Mar 2, 5pm Pacific
Interaction with Dr. Edwards and her grad students Mar 5 - 9
(FLOC microbe sampling device)
Week Three
Keynote: "Chemistry, hydrology, and life below the seafloor: How we study the Dark Energy Biosphere and what we are finding"
by Dr. Geoff Wheat
(professor of geochemistry, Univ. of Alaska, and Global Undersea Research Unit)
Dr. Wheat Presentation available
Fri Mar 9, 5pm Pacific
Interaction with Dr. Wheat
Mar 12-16
(Dr. Wheat on JOIDES Resolution)
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Investigate extreme ocean life with us!

The workshop is designed especially for educators, with resources for classroom teachers and informal educators. In this workshop we will have a special focus on materials and teaching ideas for educators of students with special needs.This online workshop is FREE and available 24-7. Log on anytime to see the lectures, investigate the resources, ask questions, and try out activities.

Our presenters and their grad students will personally answer your questions during the workshop. Each week we’ll post a new presentation and resources, and you can join discussions at any time throughout the workshop.

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Graduate credit is available for this workshop. Please contact Pat Harcourt for details. or 213-740-4693.

About COSEE-West

COSEE WEST is a National Science Foundation sponsored program at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles and the College of Exploration.

We are a community-based ocean science education network of oceanographic researchers, K-12 educators, informal education centers and the general public. COSEE-West is the west coast hub for the National Science Foundation supported COSEE (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence) effort. The primary role of the COSEE network is to act as a catalytic, multi-faceted collaboration that integrates ongoing research in the ocean sciences with K-12 education and outreach.

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