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Studying Ocean X Factor:
Life Beneath the Deep

Feb 27 - Mar 16, 2012

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About COSEE-West

We are a community-based ocean science education network of oceanographic researchers, K-12 educators, informal education centers and the general public.

COSEE-West is the west coast hub for the National Science Foundation supported COSEE (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence) effort. The primary role of the COSEE network is to act as a catalytic, multi-faceted collaboration that integrates ongoing research in the ocean sciences with K-12 education and outreach.

COSEE WEST is a collaboration between the College of Exploration, the University of Southern California, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Lectures Online

During the first five years of our COSEE WEST project from 2002-2007 the College of Exploration recorded lectures given by scientists in the Los Angeles region and put them online. You can view them by logging in (on this page, right). Then, go to COSEE West Lecture Hall.

Some of these lectures and other additional material formed the basis for online teacher workshops that were offered. These workshops (2005-current) are listed to the right. Past ones are now read-only but all lectures and resources are available. You can access all of this with a USER ID and logging in (on this page, right).



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Past COSEE-West Online Workshops
All are completed and read-only. The two most recent have info pages still available:

October 31 - November 18
Ocean Observing Systems: From Your Eyes to Satellites

2011 March 21 - April 8, 2011
Tiny but toxic! Harmful algal blooms: The science, technology and you!

2010 November 1-19, 2010
Evolution in the Marine Environment

2010 April 12 - 30
Coral Reefs: Moorea, French Polynesia

2009 October 23 - November 19
Ocean Observing Systems

2009 March 14 - April 3
Marine Protected Areas and Marine Life Protection Act

2008 November 3 - 21
Weather, Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

2008 April 9 - May 12
Moorea Research Workshop -
Coral Reef Ecology

2007 April 15 - 28
International Polar Year Online Workshop

2006 March 6 - 19
Harmful Algal Bloom Online Workshop

2005 March 1 - 15
The Ecology of Coral Reef Communities