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Graduate Credit Requirements

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COURSE REQUIREMENTS - across 2-week workshop:

1. Read and Participate in all online sessions. Join and read each of the keynotes' presentations.

-"Listen to”/read presentations, ask questions

-review and expore lessons, resources, and standards (all related to the particular presentation)

-total ~ 9 hours

2. Participate in breakout session(s).

-Dialogue with other teachers/break out sessions ( Classroom Connections mostly - as well as Resource room and Cafe)

-Explore other resources (web links, books, and other shared resources and lesson plans)

-total ~ 6 hours

3. Answer the “question for the week” in the graduate credit room, the question will relate to the Keynote topic.

4. Create a lesson plan based on content information learned in the workshop.

5. Complete the Workshop Evaluation. The survey will be posted online and will include questions about the participants' individual learning as well as the workshop format, structure, and content.

Note: Attendance related stats will be verified using a manager's monitoring feature of our Caucus software. We realize that some of your time will be outside this environmnet, exploring websites or reading info that you printed from here or other resources.


Instructors to ascertain that all requirements have been met as stated above.


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