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The current user interface for extracting BATS data is designed for scientists.  If funded we plan to help the prospective teachers at FIU gain the scientific background needed to use these data sets most effectively.  We also plan to redesign these data access pages to make them more suitable for education and students.

Nonetheless, the current pages do show the web’s potential for providing customized access to a wealth of scientific data. For instance, the current BATS web pages allow users to filter BATS data by the type of cruise, the date or season (you can extract data for selected dates)

 depth range  (different depth ranges can be selected)

and data type . BATS scientists record the temperature and salinity of the Sargasson Sea from the surface to the bottom. They also measure levels of oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide, organic carbon, nitrogen, bacteria, and phytoplankton (microscopic plant) pigments.  This interface allows the user to chart which parameters they are interested in examining.

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