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Where In The World Is Bermuda?        Hilda E. Taylor

OBJECTIVE:  Students will locate the Island of Bermuda, and identify its absolute and
                              relative location.

AGE GROUP:   The activities in this lesson can be modified and adapted to meet the
                                needs of students in all grade levels 


This lesson will introduce students to the Five Themes of Geography. As, students progress through the lesson, they will use the themes of Place and Location to answer Geographic questions and gain knowledge. 


World maps, atlases, blackline Western Hemisphere maps,markers, crayons, magazines, also old issues of National Geographic Magazines, scissors, glue. 


Introduce students to the five themes of Geography. Location, Place, Relationships, Movement, and Regions.  To elaborate on these themes go to 

1.Collect all the materials that you will need.

2.Introduce students to the Five themes of Geography.

3.Use questioning techniques to find out whether students understand the concepts of the themes.

4.Tell students that the lesson on "Where In The World Is Bermuda?" will focus on two of the five themes.

5.For younger students, present some brief background information, eg. the idea that Bermuda is an island, the definition of an island, etc.

6.Assign students to work in groups of four, or five depending on the availability of materials.

7.Students will be assisted or directed to turn to a world map in their atlases, and look in the Western Hemisphere to locate the British Common Wealth of Bermuda.

8.Students should then be assisted to read the lines of longitude and latitude to come up with its exact or absolute location. 33 degrees North and 65degrees West.

9.Provide more practice for students to locate places using longitude and latitude.

10.Brainstorm, and discuss the relative location of Bermuda.

11.It is located North West relative to many other islands to include The Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti etc.

12.Discuss other important lines of demarcation with students, the Equator, Arctic Circle, Prime Meridian etc.  Help younger students to see that the Island of Bermuda lies within the Tropic of Cancer.

13.Distribute blackline Western Hemisphere maps or World maps to students, ask them to color in Bermuda, write its absolute location.  Students can also write a couple of sentences, or a couple of paragraphs about what they have learned depending on the their grade level. 



Students can scan through magazines and cut out pictures relating to Bermuda to create a mosaic.
Older students can work in groups, each group can be assigned a theme, they can use pictures of old issues of National geographic magazines to portray their assigned theme.

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