Coral Reefs

What is a Coral Reef?   Learn more about how reefs form and how old they are. 
All about Bermuda's Coral Reefs What kind of reef is Bermuda's?  Patch reef, Boiler reef, Rim reef or something else.
Basic Coral Biology   Corals are quite simple animals yet they form the single largest biological structure on the planet: the coral reef.  Find out what different corals look like.  Learn how corals live, what they eat, and how reefs are formed.
Life Cycle of Coral   Learn about coral's life cycle and experience a coral bloom through a fascinating video

Who else lives on the Bermuda Reefs?  Explore the other members of the reef community including  fishes, plants, and zooplankton that help make coral reefs one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth

wolfie_smDr. Wolfgang Sterrer rides a whale shark to work.  Wolfgang was the Director of BBSR in the 1960s and '70s and is now Curator at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. He often lectures at BBSR to visiting groups.  He has published the definitive work on plants and animals of Bermuda as well as several smaller books highlighting the most interesting organisms.