We have assembled BBSR publications and identified a list of books ( a few CD ROMs and videos too!) that relate to coral reefs. Many of them may be obtained online from this bookstore in co-operation with Any commisions received because of purchases from this bookstore will be used to improve this website.  We have given a brief overview of the books for you to help you in your selection.

An excellent set of books for identifying reef organisms is the series by Paul Humann.  He has them on Reef Fish, Corals, and Reef Creatures.  They are published by New World Publications in Jacksonville, FL, 32207 USA . (See details below)

BBSR Publications

In addition, BBSR scientists have written about Bermuda and its marine life. We have compiled a list of publications that can be obtained from BBSR.  Here is a link to BBSR publications available by mail.

Books and Other Resources

1. At Home in the Coral Reef By Katy Muzik
ISBN: 0-88106-487-4
Grades: K-3
This book provides an introduction to coral reefs for the young reader.  Through a story with illustrations the author explains life on a coral reef and the potential damage humans can cause to coral reefs

One of the nice features about this book is that the organisms that each page talks about are illustrated separately on the lower left corner of each two-page spread.

This was written by a marine biologist specializing in corals. The illustrations are very colorful and engaging.

2. Bermuda's Marine Life by Wolfgang Sterrer
ISBN: 0-9696517-2-4
Grade Level: All
Includes more than 300 pictures, of which 225 are the most commonly encountered marine organisms in Bermuda.  Serves as a good identification tool.

3. Coral Forest Teacher's Guide by Coral Forest
Grades: K-12
Features lesson plans and extensive information on coral reefs.  There are over 40 classroom activities for all grade levels.

4. Coral Reef by Michael George
ISBN: 0-88682-430-3
Grades: 2-12
Each page in this book displays a photograph of coral reefs and/or reef life.  There is brief text provided to explain the pictures.

5. Coral Reef by April Pulley Sayre
ISBN: 0-8050-4087-0
Grade level: 4-8
Middle school trade book that discusses and explores the coral reef biome including its residents.

6. Coral Reefs in Danger by Christopher Lampton
ISBN: 1-56294-091-0
Grades: 4-8
This book gives an in depth description of coral reefs and their ecosystems.  The book also goes into human impact and the possibility of the impact of global warming on coral reefs.

7. Guide to Corals and Fishes of Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean by Idaz Greenberg
Grade: All
ISBN: 0-913008-08-7
"This book shows 260 species of corals and fishes in full color with an accurate, easily understood text."

8. Marine Biology: An Introduction to Ocean Ecosystems by Amy Hill
ISBN: 0-23178-381
Grades: 9-12
This book contains reading as well as activities that provide an overview of ocean ecosystems.

9. Reef: A Safari Through the Coral World by Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch
ISBN: 0-87156-541-2
Grades: All
This book serves as a great resource for learning about both coral reefs and the creatures that live on coral reefs.  There are over 100 colorful photographs in addition to extensive text.

10. Reef Coral Identification Edited by Ned Deloach
ISBN: 1-878348-03-5
Grades: All
"Photographic guide for the visual identification of corals and marine plants that inhabit the Caribbean waters."

11. Within a Rainbowed Sea by Christopher Newbert
ISBN: 0-885223-00-5
Grades: All
This book contains mostly brilliant photographs of life in a coral reef.  The reader can wander through the pages to experience the beauty that lies in a coral reef.

12. Green Means: Living Gently on the Planet by Aubrey Wallace and Susan Stamberg
ISBN: 0912333308
Grade Level: 7- 12
A series about inspiring accounts of  environmental activists dealing with environmental issues.

13. Field Guide to Coral Reefs:  Caribbean and Florida by Eugene Kaplan, and Susan Kaplan
ISBN: 0395316618
Grade Level: not specified
Introduces readers to the world of coral reefs and their environment.  Helps with identifying common inhabitants of the reef.

14. A City Under the Sea: Life in a Coral Reef By Norbert Wu
ISBN: 0689318960
Grade Levels: 4-7
Sorts out various animals that populate the territory around a coral reef.  The information is portrayed through the story of a sea turtle who is looking for a place to lay its eggs.

15. Coral Reef (Habitats) by Gary Davis
ISBN: 0516203754
Grade Levels: 4-7
No Description

16. Palaces under the Sea: A Guide to Understanding the Coral Reef Environment by Joe Strykowski and Rena M. Bonem
ISBN: 1882533003
Grade Levels:  Not Specified
No Description

17. The Enchanted Braid: Coming to Terms with Nature on the Coral Reef      by Osha Gray Davidson
ISBN: 047117727X
Grade Levels: 7-12
Discusses the condition of the coral reef ecosystems around the world today. The Book explores why they are in bad condition, and what may have caused these conditions.

18. It Could Still Be Coral (Rookie Read About Science)
by Allan Fowler

ISBN: 0516260820
Grade Levels: 4-7
Offers descriptions of the physical characteristics and behavior of coral polyps and coral reefs.  It also discusses how coral reefs are formed.

19. Coral Reef: A City that Never Sleeps by Mary M. Cerullo and Jeffrey L. Rotman
ISBN: 0525651934
Grade Levels: 4-7
The book is filled with informative text and beautiful pictures about coral reefs and their inhabitants.  It also includes information about the interdependence of reef inhabitants as well as their activity during the night and the day.

20. Coral Reef (Watch it Grow) by Kate Scarborough and Michael Woods
ISBN: 078354880X
Grade Levels: K-3
Explains and illustrates the step by step process of the growth of a coral reef.  Features step-cut pages to emphasize growth.

21. Coral Reef (Exploring Earth's Biomes) by April Pulley Sayre
ISBN: 0805040870
Grade Levels: 3-7
This book describes the physical features of a coral reef and the community that surrounds it, including its inhabitants.  The book also discusses the coral reefs' environmental threats.

22. Coral Reef (Look Closer) by Jane Burton and
Barbara Taylor

ISBN: 1879431920
Grade Levels: K-3
This book includes text along with illustrations of the inhabitants of coral reefs.  It includes their scientific names as well as their common name.  The book is laid out as an opening double spread with large pictures of the plants and animals.

23. Life in the Coral Reef: by Bobbie Kalman
ISBN: 086505729X
Grade Levels: K-4
Discusses inhabitants and ecological importance of coral reefs.

24. The Ocean Book: Aquarium and Seaside Activities and Ideas For All Ages by Center for Environmental Education
ISBN: 0471620785
Grade Levels: All
A great resource for teachers!  Provides activities about ocean issues.

25. Dive to the Coral Reefs by Elizabeth Tayntnor, Paul Erikson and Les Kaufman
ISBN: 0517582104
Grade Levels: Not specified
Great examples of Corals

26. The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor by Joanna Cole
ISBN: 0590414313
Grade Levels: K-4
Story of a class field trip to the bottom of the ocean.  Provides facts about coral reefs in an interesting more relevant manner.

27. Life and Death of Coral Reefs, Charles Birkeland, Editor
ISBN: 0-412-03541-3
Adults and advanced high school students and college students
This book describes factors that afftect the balance of the coral reef ecosystem and cause deterioration.  It also takes a new look at resource management for coral reefs.  .

28. Oceans for Every Kid by Janice Ban Cleave
ISBN: 0-471-12453-2
Grade Levels: K-8
A book that contains fun projects and activities for schools, science fairs, etc.  Trough these activities the students can learn how fish move in the water, how pollutants contaminate the ocean, how to map out the ocean floor, and much more.

29. Coral Reef Hideaway by Doe Boyle
ISBN: 1-56899-183-5
Grade Levels: K-4
A literature picture book about a clown Anemone fish.

30. Oceanarium by Joanne Oppenheim
ISBN: 0-553-371282
Grade Levels: K-8
Oceanarium is a living museum of coral reefs.  This book contains large visual images of life in the coral reef.  There is also valuable information about coral reefs and other life in the ocean included throughout the book.

31. My visit to the Aquarium by Aliki Brandenberg
ISBN: 0-06-446186-6
Grade Levels: Pre-K 4
A picture book about a child visiting the aquarium and a description of the marine life they see there.

32. Ocean Life by Les Holliday
ISBN: 0-517-05151-6
Grade Levels: 5-8
This book contains extensive information about the ocean, including coral reefs.  The book also includes vivid photographs of various marine plants and animals.

33. Coral Reefs by Jenny Wood
ISBN: 0-590-74256-6
Grade Levels: 2-6
Coral Reefs is a detailed account of the basic facts of a coral reef. It also includes activities such as how to make a coral reef, and a coral reef quiz. It is a good self-learning activity for the children to explore.

34. Oceans, A thematic Unit by Mary Ellen Sterling
ISBN: 1-55734-284-9
Grade Levels: K-8
This book contains teacher created materials about Ocean Life, including coral reefs.  The book is filled with various activities dealing with Ocean Life while it incorporates several different school subjects, including Language Arts, Science, Art, Geography, Math, etc.

35. Endangered World. Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc. Greensboro, NC. CD-7331. (No ISBN or date of publication).
Grades Levels: K-4
This is a great book for the lower grades filled with activities, background information, resource materials, student pages, and patterns on many other threatened habitats other than coral reefs. The section on coral reefs, however, is excellent. There are probably more than 20 activities covering a range of topics on coral. This is a great source for teachers and would be well worth the effort to get. 

36. Coral Reef Builders. Eric Ethan and Marie Bearanger. 1997. Gareth Stevens Publishing: Milwaukee, WI.
Grade Levels: K-4
One of five books in the Colors of the Sea series. The others are: Coral Reef Feeders, Coral Reef Hunters, Coral Reef Partners, and Coral Reef Survival. I've only seen the Coral Reef Builders volume, but it is a great book for lower grade levels. It's full of really lovely photographs and easy to read text. Has vocabulary words highlighted and a small glossary in the back of book. 


1. Andrews, A. A. 1987. Investigating Aquatic Ecosystems. Prentice-Hall Canada Inc. (Scarborough, Ontario)
ISBN   0-13-503129-X 

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ISBN 0030266688

3.  Cook, C.B. Corals and Coral Reefs. Notes for the Bermuda Zoological Society's Bermuda Natural History Course. 

4.  Hayward, S.J., Holt, Gomez, V., and Sterrer, W. 1981.  Bermuda's Delicate Balance:   People and the Environment. The Bernuda National Trust (Hamilton, Bermuda)
ISBN   0-917642-20-1 

5.  Humann, P. 1993. Reef Coral Identification, New World Publications, Inc.
ISBN 1878348035

6.  Humann, P. 1983.  Ocean Realm Guide to Corals. Ocean Realm Publishing Corporation.
Currently out of print: ASIN 9992394420

7.  Kaplan, E.H. 1982.  A Field Guide to Coral reefs of the Caribbean and Florida. Houghton Mifflin Company. (Boston, MA)
ISBN 0395469392

8.  Kenchington, R.A. and Hudson, B.E. 1988. Coral Reef Management Handbook. UNESCO Publication.

9.  Rutzler, K. et al. 1983.  The Black Band Disease of the Atlantic Reef Corals, III.  Distribution, Ecology, and Development.  Marine Ecology 4, 329-358. 

10.  Sheppard, C.R. 1983. A Natural Histroy of the Coral Reef, Blandford Press. 
ASIN 017312686

11.  Smith, S.R. Bermuda's Reef Ecology,  BBSR Teaching Handout. 

12.  Sterrer, W. 1992. Bermuda's Marine Life.  Bermuda Zoological Society (Flatts, Bermuda).
ISBN  0-9696517-2-4 

13.  Sterrer, W. (ed.) 1986. Marine Fauna and Flora of Bermuda.  John WIley & Sons, Inc.  (New York, NY).
ISBN  0- 471-82336-8 

14.  Thomas, M.L.H. and Logan, A. 1992. A Guide to the Ecology of Shoreline and Shallow-Water Marine Communities of Bermuda.  Wm. C. Brown Publishers (Dubuque, Iowa)
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15.  Webber, H.H. and Thurman, H.V. 1991.  Marine Biology 2ed. HaperCollins Publishers Inc. (New York, NY)
ISBN  0-673-39913-3

Videos and CD-Roms

Title: The Amazing Coral Reef (Video)
Grade Levels: 2-6
Time: 20 min.
Provides an introduction to the wonder of coral reefs, and the importance they hold in our marine world.  It also talks about the environmental problems coral reefs are facing.  (Study Guide Included)

Title: Canary of the Ocean: America's Troubled Reef (video)
Grade Levels: 8-Adult
Time: 56 min.
Talks about America's primary reef off the coast of the Florida Keys, and how it is dying.  It discusses what may be wrong in our oceans and how we can help to save the coral reef.

Title: Coral Reefs: Rainforests of the Sea (video)
Grade Levels: 7-12
Time: 20 min.
Provides an introduction to the science, ecology, and importance of coral reefs.  It also gives an overview of the serious environmental problems that are confronting them today. (Study Guide Included)

Title: Cities Under the Sea: Coral Reefs (CD-ROM)
Grade Levels: 5-12
Involves and in depth exploration of the science and ecology of coral reefs.  The students can research through a high tech submarine which can transport the user to 7 different undersea laboratories.  Some of the laboratories are called "Living Communities," Bio-diversity," etc. Received Four Stars from CD-ROM today.

Title: Ocean Life: 5 Volume Series (CD-ROM)
Grade Levels: 4-12
This series is the most comprehensive reference available on marine life in the tropical oceans of the world.  There is a special emphasis on coral reefs.  Each volume includes interactive maps, sections on anatomy, reef habitat, and more.  It also includes software for students to create their own presentations.