What's New?

February 18, 2000:

"Crush a Cup" is full up! We have now received cup orders for all remaining BATS cruises during the 1999-2000 school year. To receive an e-mail notice when we resume processing cups during next year's (Crush a Cup 2000-2001) program, please complete our on-line form.

Visit our new photo gallery to see the smiles of the cBATS deep-sea explorers. These students have submerged and shrunken decorated polystyrene cups in the depths of the Sargasso Sea as part of the Classroom BATS Crush a Cup program!

We've updated our eyewitness accounts of life at sea by adding the thoughts of some additional BATS technicians and by providing photographs to help illustrate what life is like aboard a working research vessel.

The Bermuda Biological Station for Research will highlight Classroom BATS in a booth at the National Science Teachers Association Annual Meeting in Orlando between April 6-9, 2000. Stop by for a visit if you are in Orlando!

December 3, 1999:

Now available are new, improved Mac and Windows versions of the OceanExplorer spreadsheet. We've fixed several reported bugs, and also added oceanographic data from BBSR´s HydroStation S program. These data include monthly  measurements of ocean temperature, salinity, and oxygen content stretching all the way back to 1954!

We've also added new profiles to introduce you to the captain and crew of  the Weatherbird II. You can also now discover what the Weatherbird II crew thinks about the ups and downs of life at sea. Visit our updated eyewitness accounts!

Visit our new SOFAR lesson plan, which allows your students to explore how the speed of sound changes with ocean temperature and pressure, and how humans and animals such as whales use this phenomenon to their advantage.

We've updated our Related Resources page to provide hyper links to many additional web sites with an oceanographic theme.