The Classroom BATS Toolbox

The Classroom BATS Toolbox provides learning tools that allow you to interact in engaging and authentic ways with ocean data from the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study. Scientists in this program sail monthly to study ocean properties near Bermuda, with a focus on the ocean´s role in global environmental change.OceanExplorerjpg

The Toolbox features the OceanExplorer, a Microsoft Excel© workbook that allows you to customize, analyze, and visualize the BATS data. The OceanExplorer includes built-in Help, as well as hyperlinks to this web site for background information.

Also available are depth profiles, time-series plots, and lesson plans created by BATS scientists and science teachers at FIU.  The LessonPlanner provides an on-line form that helps you create your own lesson plans based on BATS data and resources.

The Toolbox also features a Virtual Plankton Tow that introduces you to the other-worldy marine creatures you might find in a plankton net towed from aboard the BATS research vessel Weatherbird II.