Faces around BATS: Technician Profiles

To read about the experiences of the BATS technicians aboard the Weatherbird II and other research vessels, visit our eyewitness accounts of life at sea.

Lore AyoubLore
July 1998 - September 1999
BS in Biology, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (USA)
MS in Environmental Science/Aquatic Ecology, Lehigh University (USA)
BATS work:  zooplankton tows, phytoplankton tows, trace metal sampling, other chemical and biological sampling
Other interests:  aquatic optics and ecology

freddiveFred Bahr
September 1993 - November 1998
BS in Physics and Oceanography, University of Washington (USA)
MS in Physical Oceanography, Oregon State University (USA)
BATS work:  CTD data processing, web-page designer, cruise chief scientist, instrument developer

Steve BellSteve
May 1996 - present
B.Sc. St. Brendan's College
MSc University of Tasmania
BATS work:  nutrient analyses, oxygen isotope sampling, cruise chief scientist

RodRodney Johnson (BATS Program Manager)
October 1988 - present
B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Oceanography, University of Swansea (Wales)
Ph.D. (in progress) Physical and biogeochemical modeling, University of Southampton (UK)
BATS work:  Running BATS program, data quality control
Other interests:  modeling inshore waters and local currents; tracking and surveillance of any oil spills in Bermuda

Pat HyderPat
April 1999 - November 1999
B.Sc. in Physics and Oceanography, University of Southampton (UK)
MSc in Physical Oceanography, University of Wales, Bangor (UK)
Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography, University of Wales, Bangor (UK)
BATS work:  CTD data processing, oil spill modeling
Other interests:  current measurements

WBPSplitVivienne Lochhead
June 1999 - present
BS in Biological Science, University of Southern Mississippi (USA)
MS in Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi (USA)
BATS work:  Timeshare projects, PITS analysis, Zooplankton tows
Other interests:  bio-optics

Julian MitchellJulian
May 1998 - present
B.Sc. in Oceanography, University of Southampton (UK)
MS in Coastal and Resource Management, University of Portsmouth (UK)
BATS work:  dissolved oxygen samples, salinity samples, and CTD data processing.

Keven Neely
June 1999 - present
BS in Marine Biology and Marine Chemistry, SW Texas State University (USA)
BATS work:  PITS preparation, deployment and analysis, particulate carbon and nitrogen analyses
Other interests:  toxicology and petrochemical dispersion, deep-sea marine life

CTDO2TitrationMark Otero
June 1998 - present
BS in Chemistry, minor in Marine Science, University of San Diego (USA)
BATS work:  bacterial production (growth rates); sediment traps; bacterial cell counts
Other interests:  computer modeling, Remote sensing (Satellite oceanography)

Richard OwenRichard&PCO2
January 1998 - present
B.Sc. in Marine Biology, University of Wales, Bangor (UK)
Ph.D. in Marine Chemistry, University of Wales, Bangor (UK)
BATS work:  particulate CHN samples, sediment traps, cruise chief scientist
Other interests:  stable isotopes as tracers of biogeochemical processes.

Kathy&MachineCatherine Rathbun
April 1996 - December 1999
BS in Marine Science with a Biology emphasis, University of South Carolina (USA)
Graduate work at Moss Landing Marine Labs (San Jose State University, USA)
BATS work:  phytoplankton pigments, phytoplankton primary production (growth rates), phytoplankton cell culture
Other interests:  phytoplankton light adaptation, relating science to the general public

Astrid Schnetzer (Graduate Intern)Astrid
April 1998 - present
MS in Zoology, University of Vienna (Austria)
Ph.D. (in progress, University of Vienna and Bermuda Biological Station):
Zooplankton vertical migration and transport of nutrients to the deep sea
Other interests:  zooplankton ecology, oceanography, and microbiology

WBWork2Jay Wheeler
July 1999 - present
BS in Marine Science and Biology, University of Georgia (USA)
BATS work:  bacteria and virus enumeration, bacterial growth rate
Other interests:  phytoplankton ecology, biogeochemical cycles