Below is a list of Presentations from past online workshops at the COLLEGE OF EXPLORATION.
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UNDERSTANDING TSUNAMIS Online Workshop ~ April-May 2005

Dr. Margaret Leinen
Understanding Tsunamis: Introduction

Dr. Ellen J. Prager
Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Frequently Asked Questions and the 12/2004 Asian Event

Dr. Jody Bourgeois
Detecting Tsunami Deposits: Reconstructing pre-historic tsunamis

Disaster Research Center (D.R.C.)
(a) Social science reconnaissance team's reports on impacts of the tsunami on Sri Lanka and India: Data related to disaster preparedness, response, and recovery from this devastating tsunami.
(b) Field Reports on the Dec. 26, 2004 tsunami event

Dr. Tricia Wachtendorf (D.R.C.)
Social Impacts of the Indian Ocean Tsunami: Preliminary Findings from India and Sri Lanka

Dr. Havidan Rodriquez (D.R.C.)
The Indian Ocean Tsunami: Socio-economic Impact and Consequences

Dr. Harry Yeh
Tsunami Propagation and the Onshore Effects: Theories, Experiments and Field Observations

Dr. John Orcutt
Tsunami Warning Systems: The Intersection of Research and Policy

Dr. Gerard Fryer
Warning the Public
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COSEE-WEST LECTURES ~ 2004 through current

Lecture 1 - Dr. Bill Hamner: The Coral Reef Paradox

Lecture 2 - Dr. Mary Silver: Harmful Algae of Coastal California

Lecture 3 - Dr. Steve Strand: Jellies

Lecture 4 - Dr. Tony Michaels: Plankton

Lecture 5 - Dr. Madellena Bearzi: Mammals

Lecture 6 - Dr. Milton Love: Artificial Reefs

Lecture 7 - Dr. George Matsumoto: Deep Sea

Lecture 8 - Dr. Richard Murphy: Coral Reefs

Lecture 9 - Dr. David Caron: HABS

Lecture 10 - Dr. Donal Manahan: Antarctica

Lecture 11 - Dr. Bill Hamner for Dr. John Heyning - Discovering the Mysteries of Whales

Lecture 12 - Dr. John Dorsey - Hands-On Learning in the Ballona Wetlands

Lecture 13 - Dr. Mike Horn - Seabirds Living on the Edge

Lecture 14 - Dr. Patrick Krug - Coastal Wetlands

Lecture 15 - Dr. Steve Murray - Science, Policy and Protecting Our Coastal Oceans

Lecture 16 - Dr. Frank Carsey - Ice, Science and Satellites
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COSEE WEST Understanding Corals Online Workshop ~ March 2005

Dr. Richard Murphy
Coral Reefs: Cities Under the Sea

Dr. William M. Hamner
The Coral Reef Paradox

Dr. William M. Hamner
Coral Reef Biogeography and Human Impacts
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Dr. Rita Colwell
Classroom Exploration of the Ocean 2005 Introduction

Dr. Amy Baco-Taylor
Understanding Deep-Sea Corals with a Focus on the Hawaiian Archipelago

Andy Collins
Building the world’s second largest marine protected area, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Ivar G. Babb
The Steamship Portland - Discovering and Managing our Maritime Heritage and the Technologies That Take Us Beneath the Blue Horizon

Dr. Hans Van Tilburg
Maritime Heritage: Resources Revealed in the Hawaiian Islands

Peter Tuddenham, College of Exploration
Live video conference & webcast with the National Undersea Research Center UCONN

Dr. Jeremy Weirich
Exploring Shipwrecks Together: How one program helps scientists and the public connect with the past

Dr. George Matsumoto
An Explosion of Data – What Can Educators Use?

Dr. Rolf Gradinger, Dr. Bodil Bluhm, and Dr. Russ Hopcroft
The Hidden Ocean - An Arctic Expedition
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Dr. David Bossard
The Exploratory Voyage of the H.M.S. Challenger

Dr. Eric Mills
An Icon for Oceanography: The Voyage of the H.M.S. Challenger

Dr. Helen Rozwadowski
Salty Dogs and Philosophers: Mid-19th Century Origins of Oceanography

Professor Gwyn Griffiths
Ocean Instruments and Technology: From Challenger to Europa

Dr. Richard Cooper
Undersea Systems of the Future

Dr. Steven Miller
NOAA's Undersea Laboratory, Aquarius: America's "Inner Space" Station

Dr. John Orcutt
Ocean Observatories: A Paradigm Shift in Ocean Exploration
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Dr. Frank Parrish
Changing Perspectives in Hawaiian Monk Seal Research

Dr. James Spotila
Crittercam: Secrets of the Leatherback Turtle
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Dr. Sylvia A. Earle
Oceans for Life

Dr. Sarah Bednarz, Francesca Cava, Paula Keener-Chavis, and Dr. Sharon Walker
CEO Welcome & Introduction

Dr. Peter Herring
The Deep Ocean

Dan Basta
Earth Day Remarks

Capt. Craig McLean
Special Video Interview

Dr. Widder
Living Lights in the Ocean

Dr. Margo Edwards
The Arctic

Genny Anderson

Dr. Dawn Wright
Exploring the Twilight Zone...of American Samoa

Dr. Robert Neyland
The Hunley

Dr. John Broadwater
The Monitor

Dr. Stephen Hammond
Hydrothermal Vents

Dr. Shirley Pomponi
The Oceans and Human Health

Mr. John Reed
Deep-water Coral Reefs off Southeastern USA

Dr. Bruce Robison
Water Column Life and Research

Mr. Greg Marshall
Critter Cam

Dr. Chavez
El Nino, La Nina
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Monty Graham
Jelly Invaders

Heather Crawford
Aquatic Invasive Plants

Harriet Perry
Bio Invasions and Fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico
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CLOUD FORESTS ~ 2003/2004/2005

Dr. Jason Bradford

  1. One: Introduction and Climate
  2. Two: Biodiversity Patterns
  3. Three: Ecosystems & Conservation
  4. Four: Population & Resources

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CORAL REEFS ~ Aug and Oct 2001, and Feb 2002

Dr. Sharon Walker
Corals 101

Dr. Steven Miller
Aquarius Underwater Laboratory

Dr. Steven Miller
Coral Reefs in Florida

Dr. Steve Webster
Coral Reef Uses and Abuses

Dr. Colleen Newnham
Great Barrier Reef Authority

Dr. Dawn Wright
Samoan Coral Reef
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Dr. Sylvia Earle
Sustainable Seas: Welcome to the Online Workshop

Francesca Cava and Laura Francis
NOAA Marine Sanctuaries Marine Sanctuaries and Using the Internet in the Classroom

Dr. Jim Slotta
SSE Project: WISE Sustainable Seas

Dr. Phyllis Grifman and Peter Tuddenham (College of Exploration)
Exploring to Learn and Learning to Explore

Dr. Gene Feldman
Observing Ocean Color from Space

Dr. Steve Gittings
- Window Seats Rock!
- Hey Kids!

Dr. Steve Webster
Exploring the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
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Dr. Tom Nola
Introduction to the Ocean Envoys Program

Dr. Jorge Vazquez
Topex Poseidon

Dr. Gene Carl Feldman
Exploring the Ocean from space: SeaWiFs

Dr. Tina Bishop and Peter Tuddenham
Exploring Learning and Teaching Ocean Topics

Dr. Art Hammond
Personal Learning Modalities for Science Educators

Debbie Brice
Why Be an Ocean Envoy? Plus Exploring the Ocean Planet Activities

Dr. Mark Rodrigue
Using the Internet to Teach Oceanography

Dr. Annette deCharon
Oceanography from Microscopes to Satellites

Dr. Tony Phillips
Amazing GRACE - Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment
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NASA Water in the Solar System ~ Oct/Nov 1999

Dr. Leslie Lowes
NASA/JPL Pre-workshop intro: Overview of Water

Dr. Ritschard Marshall
Water on Earth

Dr. Jim Klemaszewski
Water on Europa

Dr. David Goldstein
Water on Earth's Moon

Dr. Carlton Allen
Water on Mars
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