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We strive to develop relationships that enable co-exploration of singular and diverse topics. We offer a variety of opportunities to learn together. Our preference is to develop respectful yet challenging spaces for conversations. Over the past 30 years topics have included ocean science, ocean literacy, space exploration, earth and earth science literacy, systems literacy, cybernetics, historical and current events and much more. 

Areas of Interest

We have over 30 years of experience with participants from over 40 countries. Sonce 1991 we have seen over 18,000 co-explorers online  on our online campus. They have participated in workshops and courses on a variety of topics.

Environment and Sciences

Water, Air, Atmosphere, Ocean, Earth, Space.

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See first online workshop 1998 El Nino


Strategic Planning, Design, Facilitation

Systems and Cybernetics

Systems approaches to complex problems. Cybernetic analysis, evaluation, communication and control systems.

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Evaluation and Research

The College of Exploration has provided evaluation leadership and support to a variety of education projects at the national level over the past 30 years.  


We were one of the first to offer online programs in 1991. We strive to use technology to support co-learning and co-exploration. Currently exploring augmented and virtual reality along with Chat GPT.

Governance & Group Facilitation

We design and facilitate custom online and in-person processes as well as Open Space Workshops, Structured Design Dialogues and E-Syntegrations.

Join the latest series of Challenger Conversations.

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March 14  2024

Next Conversation:
Marine Biodiversity

The conversational webinar series starts with the legacy of the HMS Challenger expedition on its 150th anniversary and develops a diverse global community of citizen scientists who understand the influence of the ocean on our lives and our influence on the ocean.

Beginning with our series launch on September 14, 2023, ocean scientists and science historians feature in virtual roundtable discussions of the iconic voyage – its founding discoveries and achievements, as well as its controversial place in the history of British imperialism. Most of all, we will focus attention on Challenger’s relevance to marine science and conservation today, at a time of unprecedented crisis for the ocean.

Please join our transatlantic partners in this urgent public conversation on ocean exploration – past, present, and future – featuring experts in marine science, history, and education. Please note: There will be ample opportunity for audience questions and discussion with featured guests.


March 14 2024 – Marine Biodiversity
May 9 2024 – Art & Data Visualization
June 13 2024 – Ocean Literacy


February 8 2024 – Life at Sea
December 2023 – Minerals From the Sea
October 12 2023 – Mapping the Ocean
September 14 2023 Marine Data Then and Now


College of Exploration

Founded in 1991 as a collegium of learners coexploring cutting edge topics.  Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, it is a  charitable organization with 501c3 status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

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