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IPMEN Conference in Japan (July 10 - 16, 2014)

The College of Exploration provides communication, learning infrastructure and management for IPMEN.

When you log in here you can access the online conference that will be parralleling the face to face conference in Japan and also access the live video webcast. You can also see all IPMEN presentations and videos from the past four conferences.


Webconferences and Webcasts of Conferences

The last face to face event was in Chile in November 2012. Previous conferences were in Fiji in 2010, Australia in 2008 and Honolulu in 2007.

It is free to join and view previous conferences. There is a $50 fee for the online conference for Japan.
You will need to register for the online conference here

Online Videos: IPMEN 2014 JAPAN

Click here to view all the recent videos provided by College of Exploration.


The IPMEN Webconference and Webcast Project

The International Pacific Marine Educators Network Conference is held every two years. We use webconferencing and webcasting services and facilitative processes from the College of Exploration to enable anyone to participate online.

Previous IPMEN Conferences:


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If you are reading this then you have met the minimum requirements to participate in the webconference. Questions about the webconference or webcast can be addressed by sending an email to


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